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Higby Hildy Currier

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We are super excited to announce the Higby Hildy Currier! This is our collaboration with the International performer, world champion, multiple world record holder, and amazing artist John Higby! This edition is limited to 40 pieces. 20 are natural engraved maple and will be available from Hildybros.com. The other 20 are hand painted by Mr. Higby himself, and will be released on his site bigyoyoart.bigcartel.com
Release time is tonight (3/9) at 10 pm EST


Mystery Currier

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We like to experiment with different kinds of woods and glue ups but we don't always release them into the wild. Here we offer a mystery Currier for a steal. Multitones, glue-ups, various woods exotic and domestic, engraved, and bare. We'll reach into the grab bag and ship you the Yoyo you didn't know you were gonna love this much.

On top of this deal, if you order two, you get $5 off! Enter code mystery at checkout.

If you are ordering for Christmas we reccommend you place your order by Dec 20. (US)

Click the store link above to order.

Don't forget to check out our Instagram feed @hildybros to see the winners of our video contest and for details on our continuing contest.

Introducing The Emmett (and new editions of The Currier)

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We've been a little quite over this past summer, but we've been busy working on some new throws. We are incredibly proud to announce The Emmett

This is a fixed axle throw with a delrin body and steel axle. Undersized and and a smooth feel make this the perfect fixed axle pocket throw.

We also have some new Curriers for you

The first is a new Multi-tone made of Walnut, Purpleheart, and Padauk

Next is the Skull edition of the Currier, both feature new artwork from the brothers on one side and the Hildy Bros. logo on the other. Available in Padauk and Purpleheart

all available now!

New Currier Editions!

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We are currently sold out of our all of our yoyos, check back soon

We've got three new versions of The Currier up for sale! The first is our Bamboo edition, Made out of Bamboo Laminate. We like to call this one an "in the buff" edition, because we left one with the natural and beautiful bamboo grain pattern blank.

The next two are both dual tone. The Cherry and Grape Edition (red and purple) is made of Half Purpleheart and half Padauk. "The Double the Heart, Double the Feels Edition"(yellow and purple) is Half Purpleheart and Yellowheart. Both have new artwork with new artwork.

Check them out at our store!


Crew neck Sweatshirts

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Our first apparel release. These are a comfortable crewneck sweatshirt suitable for adventuring only.The right sleeve has been cut short, and replaced by another colored sleeve. These are extremely limited, so act fast. 

Click here to purchase

If you live in the Hampton Roads region, contact hildybros@gmail.com to purchase

The first is Lobstah

These come in various colors (see pictures below)

The second is Geometric

These are available with a red body, and grey sleve and vice versa

More images


Buffalo Nickel Yo-Yo

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Update: The first run has sold out, check back soon for more info on the next set.

This is the first Hildy Brothers product. It is a hand made wooden yoyo, carved out of a single peice of exotic Cocobolo wood. Each one has a genuine Buffalo Nickel embeded in each half. 

Each yoyo comes with packaging that also doubles as a stand. So when you aren't walking the dog through the Rockies you can display your yo-yo on your mantel.