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Crew neck Sweatshirts

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Our first apparel release. These are a comfortable crewneck sweatshirt suitable for adventuring only.The right sleeve has been cut short, and replaced by another colored sleeve. These are extremely limited, so act fast. 

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If you live in the Hampton Roads region, contact hildybros@gmail.com to purchase

The first is Lobstah

These come in various colors (see pictures below)

The second is Geometric

These are available with a red body, and grey sleve and vice versa

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Buffalo Nickel Yo-Yo

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Update: The first run has sold out, check back soon for more info on the next set.

This is the first Hildy Brothers product. It is a hand made wooden yoyo, carved out of a single peice of exotic Cocobolo wood. Each one has a genuine Buffalo Nickel embeded in each half. 

Each yoyo comes with packaging that also doubles as a stand. So when you aren't walking the dog through the Rockies you can display your yo-yo on your mantel.